Library Renewal Project Plan

  • Entrance
    Karin Payson architecture + design
  • Central Space
    Central Space
    Karin Payson architecture + design
  • Hall
    Karin Payson architecture + design
  • Reading Room
    Reading Room
    Karin Payson architecture + design

Completion of the Library Renewal Project will improve the look, feel and usability of the Pacific Grove Public Library for years to come. Patrons will enter a bright central room, with shelving lit and oriented for improved access for patrons of all ages and abilities. The historic Carnegie rotunda, with gleaming wood finishes and heritage carpeting, replica chandeliers in the newly revealed vaulted ceiling, comfortable and historic furniture, and a sense of elegance and ease, will restore the experience of entering the library on its opening day in 1908. A graceful transition between the Carnegie rotunda and subsequent nearby additions will be achieved through carpeting, paint, lighting and user‐friendly seating. A dedicated space will display and store irreplaceable local history and community memories.

Meeting, seating and quiet study areas will be achieved through flexible furnishings and temporary closure solutions throughout the library. Single user and family/ADA restrooms will take the place of current substandard facilities. The children’s room will be freshly refurbished with bright carpeting, paint, furnishings and new youth‐height shelving. Accessible and improved signage for way finding will support diverse users and staff areas will receive updating for improved use and efficiency.

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1908 Carnegie Library
Library Building History
Improvements in all areas
Carnegie Section
Patron Utility and Computer Area


“To renew is to give fresh life, or strength to, to extend the use reaffirm.”