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The Monterey Bay Aquarium Shelf to Shore Program was created for families who otherwise cannot afford to visit the Aquarium.

Eligible adults (18 years of age and older) can receive one free pass to the Aquarium per program year from the Pacific Grove or Monterey Public Library. One pass admits up to six (6) family members for a one-time visit.

For free admission to the Aquarium, you must present this ticket with your matching library card at the Main Entrance.

Who is eligible?

You can get a Shelf to Shore Aquarium pass if you:

  1. Are 18 years old or older.
  2. Are a resident of Pacific Grove or Monterey.
  3. Have a valid Pacific Grove or Monterey Public Library card.
  4. Qualify as low-income. For this program, you are low-income if you and your family qualify for Free School Lunch, WIC, SNAP, Meals on Wheels, Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Healthy Kids, or other similar services. The Library does not require proof that you meet this requiurement.
How do I get a pass?
Bring your library card to the Library and request an aquarium Shelf to Shore pass from the check-out desk. Each pass admits up to six family members for a visit. One pass per year per adult library card holder.
When can I use the Shelf to Shore pass?

The Shelf to Shore program runs from the day after Labor Day through the Friday before Memorial Day.

Current passes are valid from September 3, 2019 through May 21, 2020.

Passes cannot be used on the following dates:
  • November 9-11, 2019
  • November 28-30, 2019
  • December 1,7-15, 2019
  • December 25-31, 2019
  • January 1-5, 2020
  • January 18-20,2020
  • February 15-17, 2020
  • April 4-19, 2020
What if I want to visit the Aquarium more than once a year?
All Monterey County residents, regardless of income, receive free admission during Community Open House, which is usually the first or second week of December.
If you do not qualify for a pass, please consider an Aquarium membership. A Monterey Bay Aquarium membership gives you unlimited free admission for a year (one or two adults, and all your children and grandchildren up to age 21). Individual and student memberships are also available.