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The Bookstore at St. Mary’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, located on the corner of 13th and Central. It is Open from 10:00am to 12:00pm Monday through Friday.

The Pacific Grove Public Library Friends and Foundation holds the “First Saturday Book Sale” on the first Saturday of the month. Operated by an amazing team of volunteers, all proceeds benefit the library community of readers and learners.

If you’re a member of the PGPLFF, you get a nice discount. And, yes, you can become a member at the sale! Donations are accepted (limited to one bag or box per patron). The bookstore accepts cash payment only.

Donating books:Sale books are almost exclusively donations by library patrons made to the PGPLFF Bookstore.

Book donations are made to the bookstore throughout the month and processed by volunteers for resale, this includes evaluating the books, cleaning the books, and sorting them into general categories for sale (history/biography, cooking, etc.) The bookstore also receives donations of music CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. Donations often include old and rare books, sets of books, special production art books, specially bound volumes, and many other unusual books that are evaluated and specially priced.

Donated books need to be resalable (very dirty, discolored, mildewed, damaged or detached covers, old textbooks, old computer books, etc. are not suitable for resale). Please don’t donate books that you wouldn’t consider buying yourself. 

Adult Books

  • Hardbacks: $4
  • Trade Paperbacks: $2
  • Mass Paperbacks $1

Children's Books

  • Hardbacks: $1
  • Paperbacks: $.25

DVDs: $1
Audiobooks: $3
Music CDs: 10 for $1

What are “Specially Priced Books”?Each month, volunteers process hundreds of donated books. A small number of these are unusual, either old and possibly of value to a collector or sometimes very fine volumes in leather bindings, or sometimes limited additions by sought after authors. These books are carefully researched on-line to understand what other sellers are asking for the item. All of the “Specially Priced Books” have to be moved into and out of the limited storage for each book sale, thus, we price these books to “sell”. Generally we ask about one half of the on-line price for comparable items. We try to price the books so that they will move, while also trying to preserve income for the library for the purchase of new books.

Volunteering to help:
Additional volunteers are always appreciated to help with setting up and running the First Saturday Book Sale. Volunteers meet and greet customers, work the cash table, keep books organized, and make sure all is running smoothly. If you would like to help support the library in this way, please contact Judy Wills at 

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