Published: Nov 15, 2021

The renewed Children's Room has been officially dedicated in honor of Joe Rock. Joe lived nearby and was a frequent visitor and loyal supporter. We are honored and thankful for Joe, Robin, family, and the many donors and enjoyed celebrating Joe and the valuable relationship between patrons and public libraries during Sunday's ceremony.

Donors have been recognized on the window to the right and the plaque on the door to the Children's Room reads:
“This room is for the curious, the seekers of knowledge, and the architects of their own adventures. Like Joe, may your young spirits be forever curious.”

Dedication -News

This gift, made in support of the Children’s Room and its programs, was entrusted to the Friends of the PG Library, to be disbursed over the next ten years for books, materials, furnishing and equipment for the Children’s Room, and for programs and services that benefit children, as determined by the recommendations of the Library Director. 

Below is a lovely write up from the FOL Summer 2021 Newsletter all about Joe and the bequest, which can be found on the Friend's website here.


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