Collective Support: LJ's 2022 Librarians of the Year butterfly

Published: Jan 18, 2022
In honor of the tremendous job libraries have done during the pandemic, the Library Journal has named ALL LIBRARY STAFF as winners of the Librarian(s) of the Year for 2022! Congratulations, you all deserve a round of applause, this honor is for, "taking care of yourselves, your patrons, and one another through hard times".
Thank you for your gifts to the library and therefore the community.
Diana Godwin, PGPL Director

From the LJ Article, 'For countless reasons, the winner of the Library Journal’s 2022 Librarian of the Year award is all library staff: “behind the front desk, the volunteer shelving books, the outreach worker in the bookmobile, the tech staff member setting someone up with their first email account, the instructional librarian helping a first-year student navigate college resources, the school librarian fighting to keep Lawn Boy and Ruby Bridges Goes to School on the shelves for students eager to see the diversity of their world reflected in their reading, the medical librarian wrangling pandemic research to support colleagues saving lives.' 
Fittingly, the idea was inspired by a library staffer and includes volunteers.  Read more..

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