Poetry Workshop with Patrice Vecchione - Saturday, Feb. 4th 1pm-3pm butterfly

Published: Feb 02, 2023


The Love Poem at the Tip of Your Tongue (even if you don’t think so)

Join poet and author Patrice Vecchione for a poetry writing workshop so that, come Valentine’s Day, you’ll be neither empty-handed nor empty-hearted. Think you can’t write a love poem? Don’t think again, just come! Patrice knows you’ve got at least one in you, and she will help you find it no matter how buried it might seem to be. Don’t have a partner? No problem! Write a love poem that leaves romance in the dust—a poem to your best friend or your child, or to the cat who purrs in your lap, a love poem to the wind or the waves.

Admission is free. No registration required. All are welcome. This event location is the Little House at Jewell Park on Central and Grand.

ponsored by The Pacific Grove Public Library Friends and Foundation with support from the Whitney Latham-Lechich Trust, aka Poet's Perch.

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