FRIDAY MARCH 17TH @ 5:30PM butterfly

Published: Mar 11, 2023

It's the middle of March, and during National Women's History Month, we think of Middlemarch, George Eliot's masterpiece--and so does our own Poet in Residence Emerita who will read from her own works as she reflects on the role of women writers who have changed her life. Having lectured on Dickinson for over fifty years, Mossberg considers Dickinson's March madness and gladness, culminating in Dear March, Come in!--her famous exuberant chatting up of this month. How have women influenced each other in the creation of art that has transformed society? We will have a night of celebration of women's voices, centered on Emily Dickinson and her amazing March poems and the March Hare of Alice in Wonderland. Of course, gingerbread will be served. 

You are invited to join Barbara Mossberg!

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