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Published: Jul 20, 2023

Save the Date! 
On Friday, August 4th, oceanographer, inventor and adventurer, Kim McCoy, presents "Rhythm of Sea and Coast" at 5:30pm in the library. Tropical and polar expeditions with multinational academic, commercial and governmental institutions helped McCoy pioneer advances in instrumentation, underwater communications, autonomous underwater vehicles and free-diving. A Q & A will follow the presentation and readings from “Waves and Beaches”, with some ocean themed poetry interspersed. 

First published in 1964, the newest edition adds recent facts, anecdotes, and images, updating the book’s relevance in the time of climate change. New text and photos include the tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina flooding, and the 2011 earthquake and resulting devastation in Fukushima. Original author, Willard Bascom, worked and lived on David Avenue in the 1940s, and began friendships with John Steinbeck and Doc Ricketts.  

We hope you will join us for this engaging event August 4th! Mark your calendars!

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