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Published: Sep 01, 2023
A library card can spark your creativity and find your element in books, ebooks, programs and more!
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Since 1987, Library Card Sign-up Month has been held to mark the beginning of the school year. Each September, the ALA and libraries team up to promote this vital school supply. Besides making sure you, your family, and friends have library cards, there are many ways to celebrate the value of libraries in this month!

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Participating is easy. Simply snap a pic or shoot a video showcasing what you love about your library or choose a library element that best applies to you. Post to your social media or on the I Love Libraries Facebook page with the hashtag #HowILibrary and tag your library and your friends to help spread the word! In addition to the gratification of supporting libraries, there’s also a chance to win great prizes. 


Has a librarian made a difference in your life or gone above and beyond to serve your community? Thank them for their work by nominating them for the #ILoveMyLibrarian Award and a chance to win $5,000.

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