Barbara Mossberg Presents: Daring Happiness - Friday, March 22nd at 5:30pm butterfly

Published: Feb 12, 2024

“Tis so much joy! Tis so much joy!” said Emily Dickinson, muse to Barbara Mossberg’s homage to Women’s History Month. An inspired and inspiring sharing by veteran poet performer and professor Dr. B, PG’s own laureate since 2010, finding the joy in her own life though the words and lives of women over history. Mossberg reads from her book on her experience as Poet in Residence, “A Grammar of Happiness in the Present Imperfect” and new poems daring happiness with a dazzled and dazzling reflection of women’s history over time and space. Come be inspired, and in the tradition of Barbara Mossberg’s performances at PG Library, there will be cake! “Because, without cake, can there be joy? Women have always known so.” –Barbara Mossberg

Daring Happiness Flyer_Mossberg  2024

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